Home, not alone – preparing for overnight guests

welcoming-guest It’s not the size of the home but the size of the heart that matters. Hospitality is about treating guests well and making them feel welcome in your home. When you have overnight guests at your place, they need to feel comfortable staying in someone else’s home.

If you have a guest room, you’ll need to make certain that it is in good condition for people to stay. In the absence of one, make alternate arrangements such as the sofa, a futon or one of the family member’s bedrooms.

All they need

Provide the guests with everything they might need before they have to ask you for it. This includes clean towels, napkins, blankets and pillows. Also keep an extra set of toiletries ready for them to use in the bathroom. Toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos, lotions etc are essential items that every guest will need.

Specially for them

Since they’ll be staying for breakfast and probably lunch as well, it would be polite to ask them about their food preferences. Find out in advance what they would like to eat or if one of them is on a special diet so that you can keep the ingredients ready.

Entertaining host

If the guests are from out of town, make plans to show them around your city or town. Take them to historical landmarks, fairs, parks, museums etc. However, don’t force any outings on them. Ask them what they would like to do or if there are any special places they would like to see.

Yours and mine

Make them feel welcome in your home by letting them follow their routine activities. Children especially like to wake up late or watch their T.V. programs or movies. Let them know that they can do so without feeling shy.

Provide the guests with books and magazines so they can pass their time. Show them around the house and give instructions about slightly broken furniture or amenities that don’t work.

Create a home away from home for your overnight guests.