Country cottage: Home decor in English country style

eng-country Some can experience the joys of country living in their country summer homes or cottages. But city-dwellers are compelled to live in cramped apartments with busy lives that offer little time for a country vacation. Alternative methods, therefore, can at least give the feel of living in a country home in one’s own residence.

English country decor captures the essence of a country home in all its warmth and coziness. For a refreshing change of scene, you can adapt the style of English country home decor.

Nature’s bounty

An English country cottage adopts the colors of nature in to its interiors. Let your house or apartment reflect this natural surrounding. For the walls, use colors related to nature: the green of a country meadow, the yellow of the golden sun’s rays, cream and pink.

While rich and vibrant shades are dominant in country homes, white is also an essential color. White can be used for cabinets, lace curtains in the kitchen or laced tablecloths.

Flora and fauna

You can’t miss these in the English countryside. The best way to incorporate these in the home decor is placing arrangements of fresh garden and wild flowers around the house.

If this is not possible, adopt floral patterns in the curtains, tablecloths, and pillow and cushion covers etc. Bedrooms can be decorated with figures of porcelain animals and soft fur animals.


Light should be soft to create a feeling of warmth and ease. Use table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, and candles to light up your home rather than recessed or overhead lights. Light up the fireplace, if present, to enhance the atmosphere.

Home and the family

The furniture in the house can be of dark or light wood. Accentuate with rugs of different colors and patterns. Framed family portraits are an important part of the wall hangings.

Bookcases in mahogany or oak can be filled with old hardbound volumes. Display souvenirs, artwork and curios on the shelves.

Concentrate on comfort rather than style. English country home décor is not about matching furniture but reflecting love, warmth and contentment.