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Breast Tenderness Breast Tenderness During Pregnancy

Breast tenderness is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. It is the swelling, soreness and sensitivity of the breast during pregnancy and is also considered as one of the first signs of pregnancy. Most often breast tenderness subsides by second and third trimester.

Causes of Breast Tenderness

The hormonal imbalance especially the imbalance of estrogen is mainly responsible for this breast tenderness. During pregnancy the milk glands, ducts etc starts to develop resulting in an increase in the size of the breast. There may be more layers of fat gets deposited beneath your breast. The shape of the breast may also change due to this. All these elements contribute to the swelling, tenderness, pain and soreness of the breast.

Treatments for Breast Tenderness

Warm Compress

In order to get relief from the pain on the breast you can compress your breast with a warm towel for about 15 minutes. Instead of towel you an also use hot water bottles or heating pads. This may help you to ease the discomfort. You can even alter a hot compress with a cold one too.

Add Soy to the Diet

Add foods that contain soy in them like soy milk, soybeans, soy burgers etc. This is because soy contains isoflavones which may restrict the undesirable actions of estrogen and thus reduces the tender of your breast.

Reduce Salt

Reduce your salt intake and it may help you to avoid water retention in the breast. Water retention in breast may also cause pain and discomfort.

Avoid Caffeine

Try to avoid the intake of caffeine and caffeinated products as the methylxanthine present in it may stimulate your breast resulting in discomfort and pain. So it will be ideal to reduce the intake of soda, tea, coffee, chocolate etc.

Herbal Tea

Take herbal teas made of buchu and corn silk instead of the normal teas and they may help you in flushing out certain fluids from your body. Herbal teas in turn work as a mild diuretic and protect you from the discomfort of breast pain. Similarly take lot of water during pregnancy and this may also help you to flush out the excess fluids from the body.


  • Other inconveniences arises after pregnancy too, and they are caused by the stuffing of the canals through which milk is released. Massaging and local warmth helps usually. If the blockage is not eliminated, mastitis can appear. The breasts will swell, and the general state will be similar to that during a common flu. Massaging the breasts will help alleviate the pain.