Holiday in White Mountains

white-mountains For hikers, mountaineers, skiers or ordinary vacationers, it is difficult to overcome the temptation of the White Mountains. Located in New Hampshire in US, the somber mountain ranges stretch from Waterville Valley to North Woodstock, and beyond to the National Scenic and Cultural Byway.

Waterville Valley
This is a popular summer resort and a skiing arena. The surrounding peaks, valley and the meandering rivers add to the small town like charm of this place.

North Woodstock and Lincoln
North Woodstock along with the adjacent town of Lincoln is a year round destination. For the people of Boston, the vibrant resorts are part of their popular day trips. In the middle of September, Lincoln becomes the venue of Hampshire Scottish Highland Games. Children would love to visit Clark’s Trading Post, which has a bear show, a museum of Americana inside a 19th century firehouse and a rail journey over a covered bridge. Scaling the Old Man of the Mountain with popcorns or ice creams in hand, is another popular attraction of holidaymakers. You can go sightseeing on the 80 minutes train ride on the Hobo railroad, which passes through the White Mountain National Forest.

Bretton Woods
Don’t miss visiting the site where decision to create the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund was taken in 1944. The Mount Washington Hotel is one of luxurious destinations of the rich and the famous. The Crawford Notch State Park is a pleasant picnicking venue. You can also take a trip to the Silver, Flume and Arethusa waterfalls.

This is the cross-country skiing capital of New England. The pumpkin coaches, Victorian themed river raft rides and swan boats are some of the attractions of the fairy tale inspired theme park of Jackson.

Mt. Washington
During summer, you can drive to the windy peak of Mt. Washington. In the winter months, when the road to the peak is no longer open to automobiles, Snow Coaches will take you to the peak.

Pinkham Notch
The scenic beauty of the region lures hikers to come here. From here, you can watch the Presidential Ranges and ski on Wildcat Mountain and Tuckerman Ravine.