Holiday in Tahiti

holiday-in-tahiti Tahiti is one of the 118 French Polynesian islands. This bustling island on South Pacific Ocean is also the most industrialized island of French Polynesia. It has lovely black sand beaches, lagoons, mountains, waterfalls, valleys and ruins of ancient temples. Tahiti is also fitted with amenities of the contemporary world, including star accommodations and chic boutiques.

Best time to visit
Tahiti is a year round destination for travelers. The peak tourist season is between May and October, when the climate is cool and dry. Surfers come here at the end of April or beginning of May to participate in the Billabong Pro Surfing competition. To watch the scintillating Heiva music and dance festival, come to Tahiti in July. In November, tattoo artists from Polynesia and around the world conglomerate on the island to participate in Tattoonesia.

Arriving here
Tahiti is the main arrival point of French Polynesia. It has an international airport. Tahiti has comfortable transportation facilities. You can take the quaint L’Truck public bus or a luxurious taxi to travel around the island.

Tahiti attractions
Tahiti is a paradise for surfers. The beaches of Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti have excellent surfing waves in the world. Teahupoo in Tahiti Iti is the venue for the annual Billabong Pro surfing competitions. Here waves can be six to eight feet high. Maui beach in Tahiti Iti is a lovely place with a popular café and cave. You can climb on top of the Taravao Plateau to get a majestic view of the island. The 15 km long Pari Coast trail is a popular walking track. Fenua Aihere is rarely visited, but this walking trail can be a part of an exciting day trip. Pape’ete should be your shopping destination in Tahiti. Here Center Vaima is a popular mall. Also, take some time to visit the vibrant Pape’ete Public Market. Pape’ete also has several churches and temples. Tahiti Nui has several lovely beaches, such as Lafayette beach, Maeva beach, Mahana Park, Papenoo and Taharuu.  The Three Waterfalls is a popular attraction of the region.