Holiday gifts budget

Holiday gifts budget Giving and receiving gifts is a custom often observed around the holidays. Traditionally, people love to give and receive gifts on special occasions. Those who adore shopping would especially enjoy this practice.

However, there’s no rule that says gifts have to be expensive. The thought behind the gift is more important than the gift itself. Besides, if your financial status isn’t very healthy during the holidays, there’s no reason why you should break the bank by buying expensive gifts.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings by not giving a gift at all. Therefore, put on the creative thinking cap and present your near and dear ones with nice and thoughtful gifts.

Get organized
Bring out the calculator, pen and paper and draft a gift budget. Make a list of how many gifts you need to buy. Then review your expenditure and savings and decide on a total amount that you can spend on the gifts. Allocate individual budgets to each gift.

As you start shopping, update the budget worksheet with the money spent and the remainder amount. If you’ve overspent on one gift, adjust the price of another gift.

Do-it-yourself gifts
If you’re skilled at baking, make gifts for your family members – brownies, cakes, cookies, jam etc. Search the cookbook for new recipes or create your own. Your family will love the gifts that you’ve prepared for them with love and care.

Gift art
Possessing artistic talent is a gift in itself. Use this gift as a gift for your friends and family. Write poems, paint portraits or write and sing songs for those you love. Write a personalized card with a special message from you to that person.

Take a trip down memory lane with your loved one with a gift of photographs. You can frame a special picture, or make a photo album. Enhance the beauty of this gift by making it yourself and personalizing it with little handwritten notes and captions.

Holiday gifting just became easier and more inexpensive!