Holiday display-cards of cheer

cards-of-cheer Here’s an easy way to save on decorations: remember the holiday cards that pile up in your home every holiday season? If they’re lying in the attic, bring them out and use them to decorate your house with festive color and good wishes.

A lot of paper and effort is utilized in making and sending those cards. It would be best to make use of them rather than let them waste away. Put on your creative thinking cap, roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some work and have fun.

Festive frames
Engage the help of family and friends to make your own frames from cardboard and glitter for the holiday cards. This way you can set them on the mantel or place them on a coffee table. Build a stand of cardboard or use a broken piece of wooden ruler to make the card frame stand up straight.

Chain of love
If you sit down to make a chain of cards, you may find that it stretches across your entire house. Let this chain of cards be a beautiful and eye-catching one. Instead of using only ribbon, make a chain of words.

Select something meaningful that is related to the season. For example, ‘angel’ or ‘star’ for Christmas. You can also have a chain of bright Easter eggs for Easter. This chain can then be used to link the cards of that season. Make sure the chain’s letters are small in size so they don’t look disproportionate to the size of the cards.

Poster ‘Card-board’
A poster board can be used to display the lovely holiday cards that pour into your house. Buy a regular-sized poster board and affix your holiday cards on them. You can arrange them according to holidays, or place them randomly along with snapshots of your family members and friends.

Once you get started, thousands of ideas will jostle around in your head and struggle to get out. Just choose the one that’s best for your budget and most importantly, your home.