Holiday and house boating trips

house-boating-trips Those who have an affinity for water can opt for a house boating trip on their next holiday. It provides close contact with nature on lakes or canals and enables swimming, fishing, sun tanning and also a chance to explore varied shores.

Spending a few days on a comfortable houseboat offers a retreat from the chaos of the city. It’s like an alternate world, replete with all amenities of your home – kitchen, bathroom, refrigerator etc. Plan a houseboat trip for a unique holiday with your family or friends.

Things to remember
Different kinds of houseboats are available for renting, ranging from simple to luxurious. When renting a houseboat, make sure you acquire the necessary guides and instructions about the operation and use of the houseboat. Be aware of rules and regulations about cruising on the houseboat.

Things to carry
A sufficient supply of food and water is necessary. Also carry sunscreen, insect repellents, batteries, approved life jackets, binoculars, camera etc. Cooking on vacation might be a mood killer so try inventive means to make it fun. For example, you can have a barbeque on the deck of the houseboat.
Things to entertain
It is natural to indulge in water-related activities like fishing, swimming, water sports etc while on a boat. But this might get boring after a few days. If your trip is long, you’ll need indoor activities for amusement because the weather won’t be perfect all the time. Besides catching fish is not everyone’s favorite pastime.

Books, music CDs, DVDs etc will help pass idle time indoors. For a rousing hour of fun activity, you can carry cards and board games for the entire group to play.

Things to avoid
Those who suffer from sea sickness need to ensure necessary preventive and remedial measures on a houseboat. Also, keep alcohol intake to a minimum as you need to stay in control while managing a houseboat.

Careful planning and precautions along with enthusiasm will ensure a fun house boating holiday.