“Hip, hip hippie!” – Dress like a hippie

dress-like-a-hippie The word ‘hippie’ is used loosely sometimes for a person who dresses in a weird way. Indeed when the hippie subculture first began, its followers were regarded as ‘weird’ by the society. The reason was that hippies rejected the conventional norms of society and were ‘different’ in every sense; their attitude, clothes, way of living etc portrayed their uniqueness.

In fashion, trends come and go and so did the hippie style. But if you’re a hippie at heart, there’s no harm in dressing like one. Keep in mind: a love for designer labels does not a hippie make. You need to be natural and comfortable and go second-hand rather than brand new.

Natural fabrics like cotton and wool are best for hippie fashion. Make your own clothes if you have the talent or buy them at thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales. The older the clothes, the better. You can make a new outfit from an old one by adding a few embellishments. If it looks patched up…don’t worry, that’s what it’s supposed to look like.

Bellbottoms and vests are crucial to hippie clothing. Jeans and cotton pants, loose and flared at the bottom are perfect. Add some fringe for a festive look. If the pants are plain, jazz them up with patches of bright cloth, prints, embroidery etc.

Loose tops and dresses also are part of the hippie trend. Wear flowing skirts and loose blouses in bright colors. Colors should be in abundance and psychedelic, if possible. Patches of colors and prints on an outfit bring out the real hippie look.

Flowers are important in hippie fashion. Add flowers to your wardrobe in different ways. Wear floral prints or accessorize with flowers in your hair. Beads, natural stones and seashells are best for hippie jewelry. Beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings worn with dresses and skirts give the hippie-est look.

Let your hair down and have fun like a hippie!