Hip Exercises

Exercise for Hip Pain

Many people are now suffering from hip pain. Hip pain can be due to bursitis, tendonitis, strain, sprain, arthritis, osteonercosis, osteoporosis etc. Many people may consider even hip replacement surgeries for getting rid of this problem.

This is because hip pain may restrict your movements and activities and you may have problem in standing, sitting and walking. Before planning to do the extreme treatments try some curative treatments at your home. You can practice exercise that helps you to get relief from the hip pain.


Hip Extension Exercise

Stand near to a chair and slowly raise your right foot. Then swing the leg towards back and hold that position for three seconds. Now take your leg back to the starting position. Then repeat the exercise with the left leg. Continue this exercise till you repeat it ten times with each leg.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Keep your right leg one step forward and bend the knee of the right leg while keeping the left leg straight on the back. Bend the right knee and touch the floor with both of your hands and take care to keep the left leg straight and stretched out. This exercise will aim at the areas on the back of hip of the flexed leg and the anterior hip portions of the extended leg.

Wall Slide Exercise

Stand close to a wall with your back facing the wall. Keep your legs at shoulder distance and touch the wall with your shoulders and buttocks. Now slowly slide down through the wall by bending your knees. Slide down up to making a 45 degree angle with the knee. You can bent your knees up to a comfortable angle but take care not to make an angle exceeding 45 degrees. Keep that position for five seconds and then slowly slide back to your normal position. Continue this exercise till you complete five times.

Hip Abduction Exercise

Take a straight position and keeping this position slowly raise your right leg towards the right side with out bending the knees. Hold the position for three seconds and then slowly lower the leg to the normal position . Then duplicate this exercise with the left leg. Now repeat the exercise with two legs for ten times.