High Uric Acid Remedy

High Uric Acid Uric acid is a type of waste produced from the natural breakdown of purine. Purine is found in several foods and beverages. In normal circumstances, the uric acid present in the bloodstream is filtered by the kidney and flashed out of the body through urine. Small amounts of this body waste are also eliminated through the stool. The level of uric acid in the blood could rise due to several reasons. High levels of uric acid might not cause any problem. However, sometimes it can cause gout, kidney stones and even kidney failures.

Why uric acid level rises
If your kidney is unable to eliminate uric acid normally from the bloodstream or if your body produces excess uric acid, the uric acid level in the blood rises. High uric acid level could be a genetic condition. High intake of purine rich foods could naturally raise the uric acid in the blood. Excess caffeine and alcohol consumption can also push up your uric acid level. High uric acid level could be the side effect of certain medications such as diuretics, regular intake of 75 to 100mg of aspirin, vitamin C, niacin and drugs for treating leukemia, tuberculosis and lymphoma. People suffering from psoriasis, hypothyroidism, preeclampsia and cirrhosis of the level could have high uric acid level in the blood. Obesity could also raise the level of uric acid.

Normal range of uric acid level
Recent studies have shown that the normal range of uric acid level could be quite wide. Moreover, the uric acid level might not remain constant throughout the year. It might vary daily and you might even notice seasonal variations in the uric acid level. Usually uric acid level between 2 and 7.5mg/dl is considered normal for an adult male. However, after 40, the level might rise up to 8.5mg/dl. For adult females, normal uric acid range is between 2 and 6.5mg/dl. After 40 and especially after menopause, it is not unusual for the uric acid level to rise to 8mg/dl.

How to reduce uric acid
Protein rich foods such as organ meats, meat, seafood and legumes tend to push up the level of uric acid. While it is impossible to completely eliminate protein from your diet, consuming these foods in moderation could help to normalize the uric acid level. While planning your meals, you should also be careful of spinach, mushrooms and asparagus that could raise your uric acid level. Cherries and celery could help to reduce uric acid level.