Herbal Remedies for Curing Pimples

curing-pimples Red and inflamed pimples can lead to a very unattractive appearance. If you want to keep the problem at bay then you can go through these herbal remedies for curing pimples. Try this out. Boil some amaranth seeds and then strain it. Use the liquid just like you would use a face wash. The right manner to make this solution is to boil about three cups of water and then throw in two teaspoons of amaranth seeds. Simmer and let the water boil for five minutes. Cook it and then use it.

Burdock Cure

Have you heard of the herb named burdock? It is very useful in taking care of pimples. It is also effective in treating all kinds of troublesome skin problems. You can make tea with burdock. Take one quart of water and let it boil. Then simmer and add about four teaspoons of dried root. After seven minutes you should turn off the heat. Let the water soak in the properties of the herb for two hours. Then you can use it as a face wash.

Basil for Treating Pimples

Basil can also be used for treating pimples. Take some basil leaves and then boil it in one cup of water. After sometime when the mixture cools you can apply directly on the affected area. You can also crush some leaves and then apply the juice in the pimples. A basil-based cream or oil is good for curing your pimples.

Oregon Grape For Curing Pimples

Oregon grape has excellent antibiotic properties, which aid in stimulating your immune system. You can easily use it to tackle the problem of pimples. You can use it in the dried form or the liquid form.

You can even use calendula oil to help clear acne and get radiant skin. You can make a face wash by boiling calendula in water.