Herb and Cheese Filled Chicken Thighs

Cheese Filled Chicken Thighs Herb and Cheese Filled Chicken Thighs

Herb and cheese filled chicken is something that taste special. It has a very good flavor and aroma. It is made of herbs like rosemary, parsley and basil. The following steps help you to make herb and cheese filled chicken.


Chicken thighs– boneless with skin of 16 pieces of about five ounce
Rosemary – one tablespoon of finely chopped rosemary
Zest of lemon – finely grated of about two teaspoon
Flat leaf parsley – coarsely chopped of about quarter cup
Basil – coarsely chopped of about half cup
Provolone cheese – grated and about half cup
Eggs – two large lightly beaten ones
Parmesan cheese – one and a half cup
Pepper – freshly grounded to add taste
Bread crumbs – fresh ones of about one and a half cup
Salt to taste

Preparation of Herb and Cheese Filled Chicken Thighs

Pre heat your oven at a temperature of 450 degree F. Get a medium sized bowl and to this bowl add one and a half cup of bread crumbs that are made freshly. Then add chopped parsley, chopped rosemary, chopped basil, lemon zest, provolone cheese, parmesan cheese and lightly beaten eggs. Mix the entire mixture well and keep aside.

Take the cleaned and washed chicken thighs and keep it on a clean and flat surface with the skin side kept down. Then sprinkle powdered pepper and salt on the chicken thighs as per your taste. Now you can use the prepared herb and cheese mixture to fill the chicken thighs and use almost quarter cup of herb and cheese mixture to fill each and every thighs. Now you need to tie the chicken thighs with string and you have to tie it in two or three directions. Again sprinkle the filled chicken thighs with powdered pepper and salt.

Spread a large baking sheet preferably the one that has rims in the oven and place the filled chicken thighs on the sheet. Bake the stuffed chicken thighs till it becomes golden brown. Get the chicken back from the oven and remove the strings from it. Now you can serve your stuffed chicken and this will give around eight servings.