Help Your Child Overcome Fear

overcome-fear Children are scared of many things. Your child could be scared of birds, animals, dark places, heights or ghosts. Most of these fears are undoubtedly irrational. Parents are often unsure how help their children overcome fear.

Talk to your child
An easy way to deal with your child’s fear is to talk to him about his fear. Allow your child to talk freely about his/her fear. Try to figure out whether there is a reason, such as an accident or untoward incident, which has triggered this fear in the child. You should listen to your child without any preconceived notion. You should try to identify whether your child’s fear has developed out of childish imagination or whether it is a sign of mental illness. Sometimes the root of the fear may be so deep, that your child may refuse to talk to you about his/her fear. In such a case, seek professional help.

Confronting fear
To remove irrational fear, you should let your child confront his/her fear. However, you should not suddenly expose your child to the fear. He should be gradually exposed to the fear. This is known as systematic desensitization therapy. If your child is scared of the dark, play hide and seek with him, at first in low light, and then gradually start playing in the darkness.

Stable environment
Every child needs a stable environment. Often fears are rooted in chaos around him, in home and school, which gives rise to mental stress. Children are unsure how to handle chaotic situations and become fearful. Children are extremely vulnerable to changes in relationships. Parental discord, an angry or abusive parent or teacher, divorce, death of a parent make the environment chaotic for a child.

Seriously deal with your child’s fear
Your child’s fear might not always be irrational. You should always take note when your child is particularly fearful of an outsider or a relative. Although, there might not be any foul play, but nonetheless, you should not ignore your child’s fear.

Teach a prayer
Teach your child to pray whenever he is scared. Tell your child that there is always a divine force to protect him. This simple belief will help your child to overcome his irrational fears.