Hello Kitty Fans Now Have A Hello Kitty Music Player

kittyplayer You could hardly find any woman who could resist the charm of Hello Kitty. The cute kitten brings back memories of our girlhood days. Embellishing any product with this fictional Sanrio character would make it an instant hit among female shoppers. We have seen laptops, digital cameras and even cell phones sporting Hello Kitty. To expand your choice of Hello Kitty products further, Iriver has launched the Hello Kitty music player.

Hello Kitty Music Player Premium
This latest Irever music player resembles the famous cat. It boasts a bright shining Hello Kitty face with gold accents. Your Hello Kitty is no different from you. Just like you, this fashion conscious cat loves to change its look frequently. To give your Hello Kitty some makeover, you can opt for a ribbon or flower to adorn its head. You can also access accessories, such as earphones, clips and silicon case, which have been created to complement the black and gold Hello Kitty music player. The LED nose of the Kitty will keep on glowing as you listen to music. The nose of the Kitty will also glow, while charging the music player. Hello Kitty music player is compact and light, weighing only 16 grams. The 4.5 cm music player could be carried around easily. With only 4GB storage capacity, you cannot call the Hello Kitty music player the best MP3 player in town. Nonetheless, around 960 songs and music tracks could be easily crammed into this cute music player. The battery of the Hello Kitty music player supports up to 10 hours of music playback. This music player will run on the Windows operating system. Hello Kitty MP3 player also comes with four preset equalizer and shuffle mode.

Price and availability
This Hello Kitty music player will be available from December 18. It costs 7,980 yen or about 90 USD. You can purchase it online from the Iriver estore.

Hello Kitty Music Player Crystal
Iriver also offers a Hello Kitty music player studded with Swarovski crystals. The entire face of the kitty is encrusted with white crystals. It sports a yellow nose and dazzling stone bow. However, the crystal Hello Kitty player has only 2GB storage space. The rest of the technical specifications of the music player are same as that of Hello Kitty Premium. This music player cost 13,800 yen or about 155 USD.