Heart Attack In Women

It is a common misconception that women are less likely to have a heart attack. However, according to the health statistics, nearly 50 percent of heart attack victims are women. To make matters worse, heart attack symptoms in women are different from that experienced by men. The risk of heart diseases in women usually occurs after menopause. After menopause, every woman should take precautions to prevent heart attacks.

Common symptoms of heart attack

The common symptoms of heart attack that can occur in both women and men include chest pain, tightness or discomfort in chest. The pain tends to radiate to other parts of the body such as the jaw, neck, arm, back and upper abdomen. Excess cold sweat, lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting might indicate you are having a heart attack.

Symptoms of heart attack in women

Although the above symptoms might occur during a heart attack in women, unfortunately, most women hardly experience the common symptoms of heart attack. This sometimes makes diagnosis of heart attack difficult in women. Nearly 43 percent women do not experience any chest pain or chest discomfort during a heart attack. A significant proportion of women might hardly experience any chest pain prior to a heart attack, which prevents them from taking necessary steps to prevent an impending heart attack. Studies have shown that for a month prior to the heart attack a woman experiences unusual fatigue and weakness, sleeping difficulties, anxiety, indigestion and shortness of breath. Although the symptoms of heart attack might differ from woman to woman, usually, unusual fatigue, weakness, cold sweat, lightheadedness and shortness of breath are symptoms of heart attack in women.

How women can prevent heart attack

If you notice any sudden abnormal physical changes, as mentioned above, you should immediately visit your physician. Elderly and postmenopausal women should be particularly aware of the symptoms and warning signs of a heart attack. Prevailing health disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and heart diseases could make a woman susceptible to heart attack. Often women who have not been diagnosed with a heart disease ignore the health of their heart. A heart friendly diet and regular exercise such as brisk walking could keep your heart healthy and prevent heart attack.