Hearing Impairment

hearing-impairment Teens and kids are losing their hearing ability at much younger age due to various reasons including loud noise and too much exposure to personal music players and mobile phones. Movie theaters, appliances and machines, television sets and video games are also creating noisy environment.

We will suffer from hearing impairment if one or more parts of our ear are damaged. We will have conductive hearing loss due to problems with eardrum, ear canal or ossicles. Conductive hearing loss can be cured either through surgery or medicines. We would suffer from Sensorineural hearing loss if the auditory nerve or inner ear were damaged. We may not be able to hear clearly or understand the speech due to improper functioning of outer hair cells. Such type of hearing problem is permanent. We need to use a cochlear implant or hearing aids to correct such permanent hearing loss. We may suffer from mixed hearing loss due to a combination of sensorineural and conductive hearing problems.

Hearing problems may vary from person to person. Some people may have partial hearing problems whereas others can’t hear completely and considered as deaf.

Congenital hearing loss can be prevailed at birth. Some people can have hearing problem during teenage, childhood or in the adulthood.

One in every ten Americans suffers from some type of hearing problem. It is estimated over 28 million Americans are either hearing impaired or deaf. Almost 30.5 million Americans are exposed to hazardous noise levels.

Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss can occur in teens and kids due to otitis media. It affects the middle ear. Pus or fluids are buildup behind the eardrums due to ear infections. Such buildups prevent transmission of sounds. You may suffer from hearing problems for weeks or months even after the treatment, as the fluid may reside in the middle ear. Fluids may buildup due to allergies and colds. They may disappear after some and hearing becomes normal in most of the cases. Dirt or foreign objects may block the ear causing conductive hearing.

Sensorineural Hearing Impairment

It may be due to genetic disorders, head or ear injuries. The baby may be born with hearing impairment if the mother suffered from illness during pregnancy. Premature babies would also suffer from hearing impairment.

Inner ear structure may be damaged due to repeated ear infections, measles, brain tumors and mumps. Intake of certain medicines including chemotherapy drugs and antibiotics could cause hearing loss.

Exposure to loud noise should be prevented to avoid hearing loss. Avoid talking to friends and relatives in trains and buses, as the background noise would create hearing problems.


Consult your doctor immediately if your baby doesn’t respond to sounds. Teens, kids and adults are advised to consult their physician for immediate treatment if they suffer from any hearing related issues.