Healthy Weight Gain during Pregnancy

pregnantweight Healthy Weight Gain during Pregnancy

The weight gain during pregnancy is inevitable. You need to eat healthy food and has to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is because the health of your baby depends purely on your health and the food you eat. You must take enough vitamins and minerals required for you and for your baby. At the same time over weight during pregnancy might lead you to more troubles. If you didn’t gain weight then you may have a premature baby or low weight baby.

Reasons for Increased Weight during Pregnancy

There will be a lot of changes happening on your body during pregnancy and all these may leads to weight gain. At the end of pregnancy the weight of your baby accounts to around 3.3 kg. The muscular layers of uterus grow in a very impressive manner during pregnancy and it weighs around 0.9 kg. While the placenta that nourishes the baby during pregnancy weight about half kg or 600 grams. At the time of pregnancy your breast develops to feed the baby and it accounts almost half kg. The amniotic fluid around the baby weighs about 2.6 kg and the volume of blood inside your body also increases and it comes to about 1.2 kg. Along with these you may also gain some fats and proteins of about 2.5 kg. Together you may gain a healthy weight of about 11 kg at the end of your pregnancy. But the weight that you may gain depends mainly on your body mass index before pregnancy. Depending on your body mass index the advocated weight gain may vary from 5 to 18 kg.

Level of Weight Gain during Pregnancy

The healthy weight gain during pregnancy depends mainly on the pre-pregnant weight. if you were an under weight person of having a body mass index of less than 18.5 then your recommended weight gain during pregnancy is 13 to 18 kg. For a normal weight woman who has a body mass index of 18.5 to 24.9 then you can gain 11 to 16 kg during your pregnancy. If your body mass index is within the range of 25 to 29.9 then the recommended weight gain is 7 to 11 kg. If you are an obese woman of body mass index more than 30 then the healthy weight gain recommended for you is 5 to 9 kg.