Healthy lunches for work

‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy…and also an unhealthy boy.’ The old saying can be modified to fit the life of a modern working professional.

Work schedules are getting busier and office hours longer. In this hectic period, everything else, including food, takes a backseat. Of course, one does eat, but mostly it is unhealthy fast food.

Since it does not take long for a disease to start and spread, one has to be more conscious about food consumed. The health conscious people pack lunches from home to avoid eating out at lunch. Taking a lunchbox is not only for children but also for adults. Home-cooked healthy food will ensure health and fitness in body and mind.

Shop right

Make a monthly or weekly trip to the supermarket but avoid the junk food section. Instead, fill your cart with assorted fruits and vegetables, eggs and meat, whole wheat bread and cheese (low fat for the weight-conscious).

Keep your refrigerator stocked with healthy foodstuffs so that you always have something to prepare for a work lunch bag. For better organization, make a weekly schedule for what you need to take each day in the lunchbox and then shop for ingredients.


Sandwiches are easy and quick to prepare; they are healthy if you use the right bread and filling. Whole wheat bread is the best; add tomatoes, cheese, potatoes, cucumber, egg, lettuce, or chicken. You could also use leftovers from your dinner to make a sandwich.

Carry a fruit smoothie or milkshake along with the sandwiches in case they’re too dry. For dessert, fruits are better than cookies. Take different fruits each day or make a fruit salad mixed with yoghurt and sugar.

Salads and soups

Merely salads and soups may not be sufficient for lunch so combine either of them with another healthy lunch item. Keep away from heavy meals in the afternoon, as you’ll need to stay awake and alert for work!
Eat healthy, work better and live longer!