Healthy Diet After Delivery

diet-after-delivery Pregnancy is the most vital stage of a women’s life. A woman should be very careful generally before and after the birth of the child. You should follow certain rules as prescribed by the doctor. Here are certain tips for a healthy diet that you should have after the delivery.

After the delivery you will loose much weight, but you should shed more to regain the previous figure. If you do not keep control over your weight then the obesity will increase day by day. There is no specific food that you should eat or avoid after the delivery. No such food can cause damage to the body. Since you are breast feeding, there is no need to have plenty of meals per day, only eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will do the trick. The main thing is that you should have a balanced diet.

You should consume two glasses of milk daily. You can also have some curds in the breakfast or lunch. If you are feared of gaining weight then go for skimmed milk and curd. You should consume foods that are very rich in protein such as dairy products, grains, nuts, pulses, eggs, meat, fish or poultry. Always avoid eating food that is deep fried. You should not consume extra amount of rice items, instead alter it with wheat products. Green vegetables will help to control constipation.

You need lots of irons and Vitamin B- complex after pregnancy. Folic acid also boosts the health after pregnancy. As a whole we can say that there is no such food in the world that you should avoid after the delivery. Even spicy foods and cold drinks will have no effect on the child’s health. You should only be careful about your weight gain and constipation. Old remedies of the people have no affect at all.