Head Massage

Head massages are now very popular due to its relaxant nature. Head massages helps to relieve stress and fatigue. It improves the blood circulation towards the head and thus provides more nutrients and oxygen to the brain and tissues in the scalp. Hence head massages improves the health of the brain and promotes hair growth.

It rejuvenates the cells in the brain. It also helps to increase your energy level. Head massage helps to relax the muscles of the head, neck, shoulder and back and thus act as an effective stress relieving technique. It helps to get relief from acute and chronic headaches. Head massages are also ideal for getting a good sleep.

Head Massage Techniques

Keep your hands on the head with the fingers spread on the scalp.  Now slowly and gently stroke the head with your finger tips in both upward ans downward direction. You should frequently change the direction of your stroke so that the entire head get the massage. Once you completed stroking the head in back and forth direction then stroke the head in clockwise and anticlockwise directions with your finger tips.  You can also use circular motions on the scalp and can tug the hair gently by pressing the knuckles on the scalp.

You have to apply pressure on the back and sides of the head with the knuckles. You will be experiencing immediate relaxation. In order to get rid of the headache apply pressure on the eyebrows with the thumb and index finger. You may get immediate relief from headache.

Then close the eyes and use the index finger to massage gently on the sockets. Press the center of the forehead with both the thumb’s pad and slowly stroke towards the outer sides. Repeat this for several times and then with all your fingers repeat the same massage on top of the forehead and slowly down to the temples and in backward direction.

Cup both of your hands under the base of your neck and turn them in such a manner that the back of the fingers touch each other. Gently slide down your fingers on either sides of the vertebrae in to the neck and then glide them back up to the base of the skull.

While massaging the head you can add herbal oil to the head so as to nourish the hairs.