He likes me, he likes me not-knowing if he likes you

he-likes-me How do you know that a guy is looking at you because he likes you and not because your hair looks funny? Reading the signs of a guy’s behavior is not exactly as complicated as reading the stars, but some tips might be helpful.

Look for the eyes
This does not mean gazing into his eyes endlessly. You need to notice how he looks at you. Do you often catch him staring at you? Sometimes he may look away immediately when you see him because he’s shy. The bolder ones may try to maintain eye contact with you.

Look at others
Observe the behavior of people around him when you appear. His friends might let him know subtly about your presence. They may smile or nudge him or tease him about you. These signs could mean that he’s interested in you and has told his friends about it.

If this guy is popular and handsome, the other girls might start treating you differently. They may be jealous or cold with you: this is especially true of girls who are his close friends. You know then that his liking of you is serious enough to make other girls jealous.

The jealousy factor works both ways. A guy who likes you will want to catch your attention. He may do this by flirting with other girls to annoy you; observe his quick glance towards you to determine your reaction.

Anywhere with you
Strong liking means a desire to spend as much time with you as possible. If you find yourself running into him more often than not, it means he likes you. Of course, beware of stalkers who are annoying rather than romantic.

The harmless lover will turn up wherever you go without bothering you. He may be desperate just to look at you, see you smile and say ‘hi.’

Remember that if you have a crush on a guy, you may misread normal behavior as signs that he likes you. Be absolutely sure before concluding that a guy likes you.