Hazards During Pregnancy

Hazards During Pregnancy Several tasks that we do in normal times could be hazardous during pregnancy. To ensure that the fetus remains unharmed from toxins and injury, a pregnant woman should stay away from several activities.

Avoid toxic chemicals
Several chemicals could be harmful for the unborn child. During pregnancy, women should stay away from toxic chemicals present in home cleaners, paints and even cosmetics.

Try not to use aerosol sprays in your home during this time. Even deodorants or home fresheners dispensed through aerosol sprays should be avoided. Several aerosol sprays contain CFCs, which can be harmful for the fetus. Aerosol using halogenated hydrocarbons is comparatively a safer option during this time. Nonetheless, it is advisable to avoid most chemicals. Substances that give off vapor could be hazardous for the fetus. During pregnancy, one should stay away from paints. The fumes emitted by paints, including the unleaded ones, could cause harm to the fetus. Compared to oil-based paints, water based paints could be safe during pregnancy.

However, for at least two days, pregnant women should stay away from newly painted rooms after the painting job is over. Home cleaners containing ammonia, chlorine, ether and glycol should be avoided during pregnancy.

Instead, you can use natural cleansers, such as vinegar or baking soda for cleaning your home. While working in your garden, do not use pesticides.

During pregnancy, you should also avoid all sorts of insect repellents. Your household utensils and foods should not be exposed to toxic chemicals and insecticides.

Avoid hair color and nail polish
Coloring agents used in hair colors and nail varnishes could be harmful during pregnancy. Although, studies have not confirmed the adverse effect of the ingredients present in hair colors and nail polishes, nonetheless, it is advisable to avoid hair colors, nail enamels and nail polish removers during pregnancy.

Avoid animal litters
If you have pets at home, during pregnancy you should not be exposed to animal dropping. Pregnant women should not clean litter boxes of cats or birdcages. Parasites found in animal excreta could cause a flu-like illness, known as toxoplasmosis. This infection could cause birth defects, including vision and hearing loss.

Avoid saunas
Hot baths including sauna and hot whirlpool could be hazardous for the nervous system of the fetus. While warm bath is safe for pregnant women, during pregnancy, one should stay away from hot baths.


  • jess

    as a recently pregnant mommy, I appreciate all these items to consider — I found that during my prenatal care, I was hardly given enough information to protect me, and ended up figuring out a lot of it on my own. One of the things we ended up doing re: cat litter was investing in an automatic litter box -- that way, when I did have to clean it (for whatever reason), my contact with the litter was minimal at best. We used a ScoopFree machine, which worked great since I only had to throw the litter tray away when it was used up.

    Additionally, re: hair dye, I ended up buying one of those shampoo rinses that John Frieda makes — it helped me attempt to keep the roots at bay while not able to fully dye my hair. A potential fix for the pretty-mommies out there.

    thanks for the article!

  • For the toxoplasmosis, you can get an automatic litter box to take care of that issue. The painting one is a big one as many moms do the nursery painting thing right before the baby comes, a pretty big no-no without a heavy-duty mask!