Have A Dignified Break Up

dv1642024 After having a steady relationship for sometime, break ups can be quite devastating. Nevertheless, break up is as inevitable as falling in love. Not every relationship ends with those mesmerizing endings of fairly tale romances, and we always do not live happily ever after. When it becomes impossible to continue a relationship, it is always not necessary to have a bitter break up. You can end a relationship more respectfully.

It is difficult to break up without hurting each other’s emotions. Although, it is no longer possible to lead life together, but nonetheless, you can take steps not to become eternal enemies.

Disclose your intentions clearly
Instead of ignoring your boyfriend or girlfriend, and not answering his or her calls, you should speak directly to your partner about your intention. If you want to end your relationship, inform your partner about your inability to continue your relationship. Don’t make extreme harsh criticisms.

Instead, own responsibility for your inability to understand your partner. Try to be honest with your partner. However, never make the mistake of sending an email or SMS to your partner, announcing your decision to end the relation.

Break up instantly
Break ups can’t be a gradual process. You might think that by breaking up gradually it would be easier for your partner to tolerate the aftermath of ending a relationship. However, by doing this you are not helping your partner. Instead, by hiding your ultimate intentions from your partner, you are cheating him or her. Don’t drag a hopeless relationship. If you want to end your relationship, end it instantly.

Do not blame anyone
Blaming your partner or someone else for souring the relationship, will make matters worse for both of you.

Say it with flowers
Breakup causes immense pain. End your relationship with flowers your partner loves. Assure your partner that you will always remember him or her. It is not possible to obliterate from your memory someone, whom you once loved.