Hanging Baskets Plants

Hanging Baskets Plants

Hanging baskets adds beauty to your outdoor area. You can hang baskets from brackets, trellises, plant hangers made out of wrought iron and even of hooks on porch railings.

You can use these hanging baskets to create designs on your outdoor area. Hanging baskets are now available in different styles and sizes like plastic pots, metal baskets etc. Wrought iron wire baskets lined with coconut fibers or fiber mats are now widely used for outdoor areas. While placing hanging baskets you need to take care to get them healthy and flowering. Here are some cares that may help you to plant outdoor hanging baskets.

Cares for Hanging Baskets Plants

Choose the Basket

Among the different variety of baskets available in the market choose the one of your preference. Plastic baskets are cheap and can retain more water. Metal baskets are more reliable as it can hold the weight of the potting mixture and plant easily. While wire baskets are more attractive and allow flexibility while planting. Also determine the size of the basket based on the plant selected.

Choose the Plant

You can choose annuals, tropical plants, herbs, vines etc for your garden. Plants like petunias, geraniums, nemesia, bacopa, calendula, campanula, snapdragons, pansies etc are found to do well in hanging baskets.

Choose the Place

Depending up on the plant you have selected find a place for them in your garden. If you have selected a shade loving plant then never keep your hanging basket in sunlight as it dries out the plant. So place the hanging baskets as per the needs of the plant. While placing hanging baskets adjust their height to the eye level and this helps you to get a perfect view. This will also makes the after care easier.

Planting in Hanging Baskets

Choose a potting mixture that is light and at the same time holds moisture. Potting mixture that consists of perlite and peat are (found)to be better for this purpose.Before adding potting mixture you have to line the baskets in order to prevent the soil from falling; the best lining material for the purpose is cocoa mat. You can even use plastic garbage bags for lining the baskets but you have to ensure that the drainage hole is open. Now secure the lining material on the basket. Then place the selected plant in the pot and add potting mixture to fix the plant. Then attach the hooks around the basket’s rim and hang it on the chosen place.

Hanging plants have to be watered daily and they should also be supplemented with fertilizers more frequently than the other plants. You can also choose a slow releasing fertilizer for hanging basket plants. Hanging baskets plants will certainly add color and beauty to your garden.