Hallway décor

hallway The hallway, generally the most neglected area of the house, is ironically the main space that leads people into the house. It is important that the hallway be clean, tidy and beautiful. It is like a welcome doormat. If the hallway is shabby and messy, chances are people may turn away from the door without seeing the rest of the house, no matter how stylishly it is decorated!

Take no chances, therefore, when it comes to decorating your hallway. Make sure that it is bright and inviting, but don’t go overboard with the décor. People won’t linger in the hallway to admire expensive art. It is a come-and-go area so simplicity in design would be best.

Free walking
Keep the hallway free of bulky furniture so that people don’t find it inconvenient to walk in and out. Paint a runner to make the space attractive rather than using an expensive carpet.

Light and bright
A dark hallway can be scary and cause a problem for people entering the house or those going out. Fix lamps on the wall or tube lights on the ceiling so that the hallway is well lit up. Add colorful lights to lend a dramatic quality to the hallway at nighttime. You can also greet your guests with the fragrance of aromatic candles in wall sconces.

Fresh and green
Green is a lovely, natural color; adding hues of green to the hallway of your house would make for wonderful décor. Place a potted plant in a corner, hang paintings of trees, flowers or forests or paint the walls along the hallway a light shade of green. You can also have wallpaper with natural scenery.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Mirrors on the wall of a hallway will give the illusion of larger space. Besides, you can have a last glance at your appearance in the mirror before leaving the house for work or an important function.

Transfigure your hallway into a place as attractive as the rest of the house.