Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween night On Halloween night, your children will be roaming in dimly lit streets, visiting homes of strangers and collecting candies. Unfortunately, dangers might be lurking around the corner on this day, waiting to spoil the fun of your kids. To prevent any untoward incident from ruining the Halloween night, parents and children should follow certain safety tips.

Trick-or-treating safety tips
Young children should not go trick-or-treating alone. An adult should always accompany young children to the door of every house they approach for the treat. When the child enters a house, make sure that the child remains within your sight. Older children could be allowed to go alone, but they should only roam around in groups. Tell your children only to visit well-lit homes.

Caution your child not to visit houses that do not have porch lights on. Your children should carry flashlight or glow sticks. If possible, ask them to wear reflective clothing. Tell your child not to approach any car. They should not accept rides from people they do not know. Tell your children only to roam around well-lit streets of the neighborhood. They should be discouraged to take short cuts through parks or backyards. Tell your child to run away from strangers who try to tempt them with special treats. Your child should stay only at the door of strangers and not move inside the house. Instruct your child to shout and scream if someone tries to grab her/him. You can consider giving your kid a cell phone, so that he/she can immediately call you in case of emergency. You should be well aware of the route your children will be following.

Halloween costume safety
Children should always wear flame resistant costumes. Check whether your child could see and breathe properly while wearing a facemask. Instead of wearing heavy facemasks, ask your child to use make-up. Make sure that your child is wearing a comfortable pair of shoes.

Pedestrian safety tips
Make sure that your child follows traffic signals. They should cross roads only at crosswalks or corners. They should not run on the streets. Ask your children to walk on sidewalks.

Candy safety
Tell you kids not to eat the candies they receive while they are trick-or-treating. Before eating, they should bring all the candies home. If you suspect any signs of tampering, do not give the candy to your kid.