Haleron Swordfish Net 20 – World’s First 10.2-inch Netbook With Dual Core Processor

Haleron Swordfish Net 20 Haleron might not be a popular name in the netbook sector. Nonetheless, this Columbian computer manufacturer is trying to create a niche for itself by developing reasonably priced innovative netbooks, which most Latin American buyers can afford to purchase.

However, even if you are not based in Latin America, you can still buy one of these affordable netbooks online from the official website of Haleron. The innovative technology of the latest Swordfish Net netbook series has attracted the attention of the world. Instead of using a single Atom chip, Haleron has provided its netbook with two Atom processors. Unfortunately, a netbook powered by two processors sucks up excess battery juice, reducing the battery life and consequently the effectiveness of the netbook.

While retaining its unique double Atom processor netbook model in the Swordfish Net series, Haleron has decided to give us something more useful. The Swordfish Net 20 is a dual core processor netbook with improved functionality and better battery life.

Swordfish Net 20 features
Swordfish Net 20 is the first 10.2-inch netbook in the world to sport a dual core processor. This netbook carries a dual core Atom 330 processor. Such chips are usually found in desktop PCs. The dual core Atom 330 processor increases the performance of netbooks, which you can run on either Windows or Linux-based operating systems. Swordfish Net 20 is compatible with Windows XP, upcoming Windows 7.0 and Linux. This netbook features 2GB RAM and 160 GB HDD, with the option of upgrading the internal storage space to 250GB. The 10.2-inch LCD display of the netbook supports images of 1024 x 600 pixels resolution. To facilitate faster web surfing, Swordfish Net 20 supports 3G connectivity. This Haleron netbook also features Bluetooth, WiFi and three USB ports. It also has 5-in-1 built-in card reader, 1.3 mega pixels integrated webcam and high definition stereo audio speakers. To run the Swordfish Net 20 netbook, you will need a 6 cell Lithium Ion battery. This netbook will be available in black, white, gray, yellow, red, pink, purple and green colors.

Price and availability
Swordfish Net 20 netbook can be purchased online from the Haleron website. It will be available from December and will cost $499.