Hair-raising Halloween decor

Hair-raising Halloween decor Its Halloween season again; it’s the time for weird costumes, jack-o’-lanterns and horror Halloween movies. Even if you’re not planning to host a Halloween party, decorating for the ‘spooky season’ would be a good idea to get in the festive mood.

Furnish the interiors as well as the exteriors of your house with a frightening look by using scary crafts and decorations. You may purchase these at stores or even create your own customized décor for a spine-tingling Halloween.

Haunted house
You would be hard pressed to find a real ghost. So make some ghosts with sinister grins out of tissue paper or white cloth for your attic or any other part of the house. Arrange candles or bulbs in and around them so that they glow frighteningly at night.

Black and red
You don’t have to paint your entire house black and red to emphasize on the horror of Halloween season! Add hints of these scary colors throughout the house – in linen, wall hangings, furniture etc.

Enter the house
While entering the house itself, you (and your visitors) should get a sense of Halloween horror. Model the entrance of your house on the lines of a ghostly castle from a scary movie. Let artificial cobwebs hang from the door and scary faces of devils and dragons peek around corners.

The room of horrors
Turn one of the rooms in your house into a museum of sorts. An unused storeroom can be transformed into a make-believe dungeon. Paint the room in dark hues and place a single red light in a dark corner so that the dungeon-room glows with reddish light.

Hang monster heads in the corners and light the entire room with candles placed strategically. Posters of Halloween movies, portraits of Stephen King and Alfred Hitchcock, and copies of books like ‘The Shining’ and ‘Dracula’ complete the look of your horror museum/dungeon.

Play soundtracks of Halloween movies or some ghostlike music in the background. Add the finishing touch with a ‘Happy Halloween’ banner outside the house – just so you don’t actually scare passers-by and visitors too!