Habits That Lead to Plaque on Your Teeth

teeth1 Habits That Lead to Plaque on Your Teeth

Teeth plaque is a major reason for many of the teeth problems. If you don’t clean your teeth properly then the food articles that get deposited in between the teeth leads to the development of bacteria inside the mouth and these bacteria get accumulated on the teeth and there they produce mucopolysaccharides which are adhesive chemicals. Then bacteria lives with in this film called biofilm on the teeth. Plaques are produced when these sticky mass of bacteria and the substances secreted by them aggregated on the teeth. At first the plaques will be easy to remove but on time they become hard and may develop tartar on the teeth. Bacteria in turn may secrete acid like substances that corrodes the enamel of the teeth. This condition leads to cavities on the teeth.

Habits that Leads to Plaque


If you don’t have the habit of brushing your teeth properly then it may leads to the accumulation bacteria inside your mouth. Then you have to bear the consequences. If you don’t brush your teeth daily twice, first during the morning and second after dinner and before going to bed, then food left outs in your mouth causes the accumulation of bacteria which in turn produces the plaque. So you need to brush your teeth using a brush and tooth paste containing fluoride in it.


If you don’t bother to floss your mouth then it leads to the accumulation of bacteria in between the gaps of the teeth. Flossing in turn helps you to remove the bacteria and plaque from the gum line where brush won’t reach easily.

Sweet Tooth

If you have a habit of smoking cigarettes or taking soft drinks, coffee, sweet foods then it may result in the formation of stain on the teeth. This stain permits the food to remain there  and bacteria to get attached to the teeth and resulting plaques.

Avoiding Fruits and Vegetables

If you restrict to take vegetables and fruits that are consumed along with their skin then you may get plaques. This is because these vegetables and fruits may remain as a scrubber and helps you to remove the plaques. More over some of the fruits and vegetables contain fluoride in which helps to get rid of the plaques.

More than this you need to consult a dentist once in a year to keep your teeth clean and neat.