Guide your teenager through the first job

teen-job Studies and work are no longer isolated activities as most people are learning to combine the two. Most professionals pursue courses related to their jobs to gain new skills. School and college going teenagers do part time jobs along with their studies.

The objectives vary – some are saving for a special occasion, others want to watch movies or buy new clothes and fancy electronic gadgets. When teenagers get their first job, either summer work or an after-school job, they become excited at the prospect of earning extra money.

Nevertheless, parents need to advise their teen children about the pros and cons of working, as well as studying and working.

Knowledge, wisdom and awareness

Teenagers are mature in many ways. However, they may need advice about certain matters in life. Never having faced the professional world, they need guidance on how to handle themselves and others.

Ask them to check out the place where they’re going to work thoroughly. It may pay well, but does it have a good reputation? What is the nature of the employers and employees?

Work ethics

Some teenagers may find it difficult to stick to fixed working hours. They may feel like taking frequent breaks or hanging out with friends during work hours. Not all employers will look on this kindly.

So explain to your child the importance of sincerity towards one’s work. The reward of a paycheck only comes if one has worked faithfully. Make them realize that the harder they work, the more they can earn.

Money and studies

Teach teenagers the importance of hard-earned money. Explain the concept of saving a part of one’s salary in the bank. This money can come in handy in the future.

Work is important but a basic education is significant too. If they are unable to concentrate on studies because of the stress of work, advise them to give up the job during school time and work only in vacations.

Work experience helps a youngster to grow and learn new things. But no matter how independent they are, they are teenagers and will need your guidance.