Growing Lucky Bamboo Indoors

Lucky Bamboo Despite its name, lucky bamboo is a not a bamboo species. Although, lucky bamboo closely resembles the bamboo plant, it belongs to the lily family, whereas bamboo is a member of the grass family. This plant, a native of the forests of Central and West Africa, is extensively used for indoor decoration. Unlike the giant bamboo plants, lucky bamboo, in its natural conditions, could only grow up to a height of 3 feet. With minimal cost of maintenance, you can easily take care of your indoor lucky bamboo plant.

Growing lucky bamboo
It is extremely easy to grow a lucky bamboo plant. A lucky bamboo stem, water and sunlight are all that you need to grow lucky bamboo indoors. Simply place the lucky bamboo stem in a pot or vase. Add some pebbles in the pot to support the stem and pour at least one inch of water in the pot. Now place the pot in sunlight and watch your lucky bamboo grow.

Care for lucky bamboo
Remember to change the water of the vase at least once every week. Lucky bamboo is sensitive to chlorine and fluoride. These chemicals are often found in the municipal tap water. While watering your lucky bamboo plant, it is advisable to avoid tap water, and instead use distilled or bottled water for watering the plant. Remember to add a liquid fertilizer occasionally to the vase water. Try to use an organic fertilizer. Lucky bamboo is a native of the tropical forests, where they grow under the canopies of giant trees. For healthy growth, this plant therefore needs filtered sunlight. Often exposure to direct sunlight could burn the tips of the plants. Keep the plant in indirect but bright light.

Lucky bamboo and Feng Shui
Although, lucky bamboo is not a real bamboo, in Feng Shui its close semblance with bamboo makes it an appropriate object for good luck. Through proper lucky bamboo arrangement, the five elements of nature could be balanced. The lucky bamboo stalk denotes wood and the pebbles symbolize earth. To include the metal element, add a coin or any metal object in the vase. Color the pot with shades of red to bring in the fire element. According to Feng Shui, your lucky bamboo will now enhance the flow of positive energy in your house.