Growing Cactus At Home

Growing Cactus At Home Although cacti are found abundantly in deserts, you can even adorn your yard with these lovely plants. You can also grow cactus indoors. These plants are easy to grow and require little care. Just like any other plant, cactus needs right amount of sunshine, soil, water and nutrients for growth. You can bring a full-grown cactus from a plant nursery to adorn your home or garden or you can grow a cactus from the seed. You will come across several varieties of cactus in your garden supplies store. Irrespective of its variety, all desert cacti need the same type of care.

Growing from seed
You need well-drained and sandy soil for germinating the cactus seeds. Small ceramic or clay containers, measuring around 2-inch x 2-inch are usually ideal for germinating the cactus seeds. Ensure that there are holes underneath the container, to remove the excess water from the soil. For germinating, cactus seeds need around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Place the container outdoors in partial sunlight during the day.

If you want to germinate the seeds indoors, keep the container under artificial light. Cactus is a slow growing plant. It might take several weeks for the seedlings to appear. Compared to mature cacti, the seedlings are more sensitive to light. A healthy seedling is always dark green in color. After the seeds germinate, place some fine gravel, similar to ones used in aquarium, for supporting the tender plants. You should not over water the young cactus.

Over watering causes diseases. After about four to five months, after spines appear on the young seedling, repot the plant is a large pot, filled with sand.

The pot soil should comprise equal proportions of sand and commercial pot soil. Add ground limestone and bone meal to the soil.

Although cactus is a native of the arid desert regions, they need water to thrive. Water the plant when the soil becomes dry. Depending on the atmospheric humidity, you might water the plant once every one to four weeks. However, compared to under watering, over watering can be more harmful for the plant.

Mature cactus plants thrives in normal sunlight. Young cactus, with poorly developed roots, should be kept in partial sunlight. Too much direct sunlight could even harm potted cactus.