Growing Blueberries

Blueberry bushes might not be your common houseplant, but with care and correct gardening knowledge, you can grow blueberry bushes not only in your backyard, but you can even grow blueberry plants in containers on your windowsill.

Blueberry varieties

Before growing the plant, you should be aware of the different varieties of blueberries and select the appropriate plant for your garden. You will come across three major varieties of blueberry bushes – high bush, southern high bush and the rabbit eye. In colder regions, the hardy mid season varieties are more suitable.


Blueberry bushes require acidic soil condition. Make sure that the acidity level in preserved throughout the life of the plant. The soil should hold adequate moisture to help the shallow roots of the blueberry plants to draw water and nutrients from the soil. At the same time, the excess water should not stand on the soil.

If your yard lacks the appropriate gardening soil to support healthy blueberry plants, you can add organic matter to make your garden soil suitable for growing blueberries. Organic manure, rotten leaf mold and peat moss could be mixed with the sandy garden soil. Prepare your garden soil for growing blueberries at least two weeks before planting the crop. The pH of soil suitable for growing blueberries should be between 4 and 5.2.

Planting blueberries

In early spring, dig 2 x 2 feet holes. Mix sand, loam and organic matter in equal proportions and line the holes with the mixture. To lower the pH of the soil, add aged manure, sulfur or ammonia based fertilizer in the holes. After fixing the blueberry plant in the hole, cover the hole with the sand, loam and organic matter mixture. Blueberry plants require lots of sunshine.

They can even survive in partial shade. While watering the plant, make sure that the excess water could drain away easily. During the harvest seasons, blueberry bushes would need about 1 to 2 inches of water each week. Mulching with wood chips, straw or sawdust will perform the dual function of weed control and moisture conservation. If you want to grow grass between the rows of blueberry bushes, regularly mow the grass to facilitate healthy growth of the blueberry bushes. To encourage growth, the bushes should be pruned every year in late winter or early spring.