Grilled Chicken In Gravy

Grilled Chicken In Gravy Grilled Chicken In Gravy

Grilled chicken itself is a very tasty dish and when it is coupled with gravy then it will give a throbbing taste. The steps given below may give an idea about making grilled chicken in gravy.

Ingredients for Marinade

Chicken that is boneless and made in to pieces of about 1 inch – 800 grams
Fenugreek leaves that are dried well – two teaspoon
Saffron that should be soaked in limited milk – half teaspoon
Garlic paste – twp teaspoon
Ginger paste – two teaspoon
Cream that should be thick and fresh – two tablespoon and is optional
Hot spice mixture – two tablespoon
Cumin powder – one teaspoon
Red chili powder –one teaspoon
Lemon juice or vinegar – four tablespoon
Yogurt – four tablespoon
Butter – one tablespoon
Orange red color that is edible – two to three drops
Salt to taste

Tips to Make the Marinade

Get a bowl and then mix salt, red chili powder and lemon juice. Create small cuts on the chicken pieces and add chicken pieces in to the bowl and combine the entire things well and keep aside for about an hour. Then add the remaining ingredients for making the marinade in to the bowl containing chicken and mix the properly. Store this bowl in refrigerator for about four hours. Afterwards take the chicken pieces back from the refrigerator and grill it in a hot oven for about 25 minutes or till your chicken gets cooked well. Paste some butter on chicken pieces and gain grill it for about 8 minutes.

Ingredients for Gravy
Oil or butter – two tablespoon
Fenugreek leaves dried – one tablespoon
Green chilies, garlic and ginger which are finely chopped – two teaspoon
Hot spice mixture – one teaspoon
Cumin powder –one teaspoon
Red chili powder – one teaspoon
Coriander powder – one teaspoon
Finely chopped onion – two numbers
Finely chopped tomatoes – two numbers
Milk –one teaspoon


Get a frying pan and this add oil or butter and fry garlic and ginger till it becomes brown and then add then green chilies and chopped onion pieces. When the onion becomes transparent add chopped tomatoes and cook well. Now mix the spice powders and sauté for a few seconds. Place the grilled chicken pieces on this pan and add some salt to taste. Now add the milk and mix the entire contents well and cook the chicken in low heat for 10 minutes.

Now your grilled chicken in gravy in ready to serve and you can decorate it with some chopped coriander leaves.