Gresso Launches Grand Monaco Luxury Phone Collection

gresso-grand-monaco Gresso Grand Monaco is the latest luxury phone collection launched by the Russian luxury cell phone maker Gresso. The Grand Monaco collection of Gresso comprises of two models. One of these Gresso phones has a black ceramic and black carbon body and another one has a metallic ceramic and black carbon body.

The expensive material, chosen to wrap the body of a cell phone, is the primary determinant of the price of a cell phone that belongs to the luxury category. Gresso has selected a special titanium super alloy to build the body of the Grand Monaco phones. This same material is used for building the bodies of super fast racing cars.  The outer casing of the handsets is covered with high tech ceramic. Black carbon inserts adorn either side of the handsets. To ensure that the battery remains safely tucked in place, a magnetic smart lock is added to fasten the battery cover of the handset.

Gresso Grand Monaco features
The handsets of Gresso Grand Monaco collection are 116mm long, 46.5mm wide and 16mm thick. They weigh 120 grams. The TFT 240 x 320-pixel display of this luxury phone is made of hand polished sapphire crystal glass.

Steel manufactured from ultra-precision turning technology has been used to make the individual keys of the keyboard. The keyboard itself is made from 100-micron thick polished steel. The materials used in making the keyboard and the keys, keep every detail of the keyboard intact. The titanium black PVD coating of the keyboard, besides making it scratch resistant, gives the keyboard plate a mirror-like finish.

Gresso Grand Monaco has modest technical features. This phone will support WAP, GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth connectivity. Internal modem will be included inside the body of the handset. Grand Monaco phones have up to 30MB internal storage space. External memory of the phone could be extended up to 2GB with microSD memory card. A 2MP camera is integrated in the device. These luxury phones also feature FM radio and video player.

The standard 1100mAh Li-ion battery of the handset supports up to 5.4 hours of talk time and up to 300 hours of stand by time.

Pricing availability
Gresso Grand Monaco limited edition phones could be ordered from the Gresso website for $2,100.