Green Tea and its Uses

green-tea If you thought that you could use green tea only to drink it as a healthy beverage, then think again. Green tea has many uses and you can easily use it to make your home a better and a healthier place.

A Fresh Kitchen

If you have just completed cooking fish with garlic and the awful smell does not seem to go away from your hands then here is what you can do. Just rub your hands and fingers nicely with damp green tea leaves. All the smell will be gone. You can also wash your utensils and pans with green tea leaves to get rid of unpleasant odors. It is a good way of deodorizing your cooking utensils.

Pet Care

You can also use green tea leaves to take care of your pets. Just throw some used and dry green tea leaves on the bed or pillow of your pet. Thus, you will always have a fresh-smelling pet at home. If you keep some old green tea leaves in the litter box of your pet then you can help in diffusing the odor. Green tea can also aids in preventing fleas in pets.

Household Uses

You can clean any proper washable surface like air mattress or exercise mat with green tea. Place some used green teabags in a bowl and keep it uncovered in the refrigerator. This will soak in the smell caused by garlic and onions. The tea bags will work for three days, after which you can change the tea.

Good for Gardening

For gardening, green tea proves to be beneficial. You can dust some used green tea leaves around your rosebushes, ferns, and other plants. If you have some leftover green tea then you can add it to the pot of any houseplant. When the tea leaves rot they will act as natural manure. You will not have to depend on any thing else for taking care of your plants.