Green Perks-Latest Green App From T-Mobile

green-perks T-Mobile, one of the leading international mobile carriers, is striving to make our planet greener.  Through a range of products and services, T-Mobile is trying to raise our interest in eco-friendly products. After launching Green Account, the environment friendly Moto W233 Renew phone, T-Mobile has launched an environment friendly application, dubbed Green Perks.

Green Perks
Green Perks is a free downloadable application, meant for encouraging green shopping. Next time when T-Mobile customers will go shopping, they can access electronic coupons from Green Perks, which will provide discount for shopping products from several environment friendly brands. Eco-friendly companies, including Method, Roxy, Jamba Juice, Quiksilver and Volcom are part of the Green Perks initiative.

Green Perks can be used only by T-Mobile customers who have a US data plan. After downloading Green Perks, depending on your phone’s design, this app will appear in your download folder, menu list or home screen.

Once you start Green Perks application on your phone, you will see a number of coupons and offers from the participating companies. While buying these products from the retail outlets simply show the electronic coupons on your T-Mobile phone and avail the offer. New offers are instantly updated on your T-Mobile handset, once you start the Green Perks application or click the refresh button. So that you do not miss an offer, you can save a preferred offer in the Saved Perks folder.

Other T-Mobile green applications
Besides its latest Green Perks application, T-mobile had earlier launched two other eco-friendly applications – Ecorio and My Happy Planet. Ecorio is designed only for the Google phone – T-Mobile G1. Ecorio will help users to calculate the carbon footprints they are leaving behind. This T-Mobile app will track the distance you travel in your car everyday, noting the amount of greenhouse gas belching from your vehicle. It gives suggestions to reduce carbon footprints by using alternative routes or using carpools.

While both Green Perks and Ecorio are free applications, the third app, My Happy Planet, can be accessed by paying $3.99. My Happy Planet is an environment based mobile game. It teaches users about the dangers of pollution, climate changes and the importance of recycling and pollution control through a series of mini games and puzzles.

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