GPush and TomTom Navigation App Now On iPhone

gpush-and-tomtom IPhone is undoubtedly the most popular device among app developers to showcase their talents. Nearly everyday new apps are coming on the Apple App Store. Some latest iPhone apps that have been spotted in the past few days for their unique applications are GPush and TomTom iPhone.

GPush was already available on several other smartphones, including BlackBerry. However, this app was missing from the iTunes app store.

Thanks to both Apple and Tiverias Apps, the developer of GPush, iPhone users can now download this app on their smartphone. In the absence of GPush, iPhone users had to wait for quite sometime to be notified about a new mail. Sometimes, it took nearly an hour to receive the notification of a new email. After installing GPush on your iPhone, you will be instantly notified about new emails arriving in the inbox of your Gmail account. Users of this app can select the manner by which they want to be notified of a new email. When a new email drops into your Gmail inbox, your iPhone might vibrate or ring. The Gmail icon will display the number of unread messages.

You would also receive previews of the emails. The mail preview will include the name of the sender and the heading of message. GPush can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for 99 cents.

TomTom navigation app
The navigational capability of the built-in GPS of your iPhone could be further enhanced with the TomTom navigation software. TomTom is one of the world’s leading makers of car navigation GPS devices. The TomTom iPhone app will include most of the features of car GPS software along with some additional features. It will allow users to locate their friends present on the contact list. The TomTom navigation app uses IQ Routes technology to locate shortest and fastest routes.

Through real life experience of drivers, it accurately calculates the time to reach a particular destination. IQ Route guides users to save time while traveling. The safety features incorporated in the TomTom app include information on on-route safety cameras in eleven European countries. This not only helps to promote road safety, but it will also save the driver from landing into trouble by ignoring road safety rules.

TomTom navigation software will be available from Apple App Store for $99.99 in USA and Canada, $139.99 in West Europe, $79.99 in Australia and $94.99 in New Zealand.