Google Launches Image Search For Featurephones, Listen For Android, BlackBerry Google App Connector

google-launches-image-search-for-featurephones-listen-for-android-blackberry-google-app-connector Google has been quite busy for the last few days launching apps for smart and non-smart phones. Now non-smartphone users can access Google Image Search result that was earlier available only on iPhone and Google phones. A new app from Google Labs, dubbed Listen, has been launched for cell phones running on the Android platform.

BlackBerry users can now download Google Apps Connector on their smartphone. Last but not the least YouTube Mobile application will be available on Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 phones in five more languages.

Image Search Results
Google has expanded the domain of its new Image Search results. Besides iPhone and Android powered smartphones, Google Image Search will also be available on most non-smartphones. The updated Image Search will now be available in 38 languages. It is easy to use this new Google Search feature. Simply go to from the browser of your phone and click on the ‘images’ link. In the search box, type your search query. The results page will display images related to your query. Optimizing the space available on your phone screen, 8 to 14 images will be displayed on a single results page. Click on the preferred image to access the details page. The details page will display a big thumbnail of the image with link to the original website.

Listen is a new app for smartphones running on the Google Android platform. This app helps users to locate their desired podcasts and web audio quickly. After finding the desired podcast, you have the option of downloading it instantly or mark it for future download. You can also subscribe fresh audio contents through searches and feeds. Listen can be downloaded on Android phones from Android Market.

Google Apps Connector
Corporate BlackBerry smartphone users can now download the Google Apps Connector created by the Google apps team for BlackBerry Enterprise Server. This will help BlackBerry users to use different Google apps, including email, contacts and calendars with the integrated BlackBerry phone apps.

YouTube Mobile App
On March, YouTube Mobile App was first launched for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 phones in US English. To expand the usability of the app, Google is bringing in more and more languages within the purview of YouTube Mobile. Until June, YouTube Mobile app was available in seven languages. Now YouTube Mobile app will be available in five more languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Czech and Swedish.