Google Chrome OS – The countdown begins

googles-chrome-os After triumphing all the way when it came to search engine business, now Google is latest target is the field of operating systems.

Google Chrome OS is on the anvil and the market is abuzz that it might stand up as a mighty contestant to Microsoft’s operating system.

Aimed for the ‘net book market,’ the operating system is already generating a lot of interest in the technology market.

According to the technology mammoth, Google; Chrome is meant for “people  who live on the web.” And Chrome OS is popularly touted as its “browser.

The main idea behind the launch of Chrome OS is to impart more significance to a browser rather than the operating system.

In other words, with such wide-spread usage of ‘web-based’ programs; it is crucial that the chief commanding system for a PC should be a browser. Chrome OS simply aims at achieving that.

Google is claiming that Chrome OS will change the manner in which computers users interrelate to the ‘key control program’ of a computer.

As per some industry experts, OS is bound to “start up” and deliver one to the web “in a few seconds” duration. Also, there are major speculations doing rounds regarding the manner in which Chrome OS has been designed.

Some reports state that Chrome OS will see to it that computer users “don’t have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates.” This is something that most people and experts are looking forward to.

Also, according to Google, Chrome OS will be a secure option. Experts claim that this might be possible due the advanced technology of the Chrome browser. This will prohibit data theft and corruption from one particular application to another.

Comparisons with Linux variations are already doing rounds in the technology circuit. Some geeks are guessing that Chrome OS might be “better” than “any of the Linux variants.

However, one still needs to see how Chrome OS will fare in the long run next to Microsoft.