Goldfish Care

Goldfish is the most popular species of aquarium fish. For most first time aquarists, a goldfish is the first marine pet. You can take care of this easily manageable pet with least hassles. With proper care, goldfish could survive for more than twenty years.

Goldfish tank

We often think that the fish bowl is the best place to keep the goldfish. You will come across a wide variety of goldfish bowls in the stores. However, the typical round goldfish bowls are not suitable for the survival of the fish. Small bowls would not hold enough water for the fish to grow and swim. You could not install specialized aquarium equipments that are beneficial for the survival of the fish. The rounded shape of the bowl does not provide enough surfaces for proper air circulation. Given the large number of shortcomings of the traditional goldfish bowls, it is advisable to keep the fish in a normal aquarium.

A goldfish could grow up to 12 inches long. A tank capable of holding 10 to 30 gallons of water is suitable for keeping one gold fish. If you want to have more than one gold fish in your goldfish tank, you need 10 gallons extra water for every full-grown goldfish. You need a pretty huge fish tank, capable of holding 90 gallons of water to keep 3 to 4 goldfish. Add rocks and substrates on the floor of the tank. You can add tropical plants such as cabomba or Java fern to the tank.

Cleaning the water

Goldfish could produce a large amount of wastes. You should install filtration to keep the water clean. To ensure the workability of the filters, they should be cleaned at least once every month.

Food for goldfish

You can purchase commercial goldfish food for feeding your aquarium goldfish. Before feeding the fish, you can soak the dried commercial fish food. It is advisable to feed them twice a day. Make sure that the food you give the fish could be finished within five minutes. Usually five to ten pellets of fish food per day is enough for feeding a goldfish. You can even feed the fish spinach, lettuce, carrots, peas, brine shrimp, and earthworm. Overfeeding is bad for the health of the goldfish.