Gold Facial – Anti Aging Skin Treatment

To attract people around you with your wealth, you might consider sporting gold jewelries and accessories. Gold not only adds to your wealth, the glittering precious metal could even enhance your complexion. Gold facial has become an expensive alternative to herbal facials. For ages, the practitioners of traditional Indian and Chinese medicines knew the healing property of gold. Gold was used for treating leg ulcers. Even Cleopatra is credited for having used pure gold to restore the youthful appearance of her skin.

Modern medicine makes extensive use of gold in dentistry. The therapeutic property of gold has made it a popular ingredient in facial gels and creams. Several renowned cosmetic companies have gold facial products, which contain 24-carat gold particles blended with skin friendly herbs such as aloe vera, rose oil, sandalwood paste and wheat germ oil.

Benefits of gold facial

Anti aging treatment

Gold facial could rejuvenate your skin and delay skin aging. Gold is believed to possess a powerful toxin removal property. It is even capable of repairing oxidation damage. Gold facial stimulates lymphatic drainage, which helps to remove the harmful toxins and pollutants from your skin. By promoting growth of new cells and by increasing tightness of the skin, a gold facial will help your skin to regain its youthful appearance.

Repairs sun damage

While some exposure to sunlight is needed for the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, excess exposure to sun could cause significant damage to the skin. With the help of gold facial treatment, you could repair your damaged skin. Gold could reduce skin inflammation. It could slow down the activities of the overactive melanin secreting cells. A gold facial could cure skin discoloration and clear dark spots.

Gold based facial spa

Gold-based facial spa treatments are more expensive than ordinary facial spa treatments. Facial treatments with 24-carat gold leaf have become a popular trend among fashion conscious women, willing to spend a fortune for a youthful complexion. Each gold facial session would cost between $200 and $6000.

Gold facial at home

If gold based facial spa treatment seems exorbitant, you can buy a gold gel or face pack and pamper your skin with the touch of gold in the comfort of your home.