Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten is a protein mixture found in certain cereals and is mainly seen in wheat. Some people show inability to tolerate gluten and they may develop diarrhea due to improper digestion of the food. This is called celiac disease. Gluten is found to cause dermatitis herpetiformis in some people where their skin will be sensitive to gluten. Such people require gluten free diet to cope with their disease. At the same time you must ensure that you are taking all the essential nutrients required for your healthy living. The following tips may help you to follow a gluten free diet.

Grains and Starch

Grains are used for making a lot of food items and many of the grains contain gluten in them. At the same there are certain grains that do not contain gluten like buck wheat, arrowroot, potato flour, tapioca, corn, rice barn, maize, soy, sago, millets, flax, sorghum, rice etc. If you are a patient affected by gluten then you can choose these items for making your food. The gluten containing ones are wheat, wheat germ, wheat barn, barley, rye, semolina, noodles, pasta, whole wheat etc. You need to avoid all the baked foods that contain rye, wheat, barley and semolina.

Oats are found to be an ideal food for those who are suffering from celiac disease. But while taking oats you must ensure that it is not contaminated with wheat in the process of milling, processing etc.

Dairy Products

Most of the dairy products like milk, butter, cream, cheese, coffee whiteners, curd cheese, soy products etc are gluten free. While some cheese spread and yogurt especially muesli yogurts contains gluten and so avoid such things from your diet.

Non –Vegetarian Food

You can enjoy the luxury of egg as it is a gluten free food. Similarly fresh beef, pork, poultry, fish sea food etc too are gluten free.

Fruits and Vegetables

All the raw fruits and vegetables are gluten free foods that help you to get all the essential nutrients required for you. While some of the cooked vegetables and sauces are found to have gluten in them.


You can take coffee, herbal tea, tea, fruit squash, marmite, fizzy drinks, cocoa, alcoholic drinks etc. Mean while you have to avoid those drinks based on barley, malted drinks, beer etc.