Glow in Summer with Make Up

glow-in-summer-with-make-up Summer is the time when you can really glow if you follow some tips while wearing make up. You should not look too shiny in this season because it tends to make you look unappealing. If you think that extra shine on you T-zone is unavoidable in summer then you are wrong. You will be able to get rid of ugly shine from your forehead, nose, and chins in a few seconds. All you have to do is use oil blotting paper.  First use the paper and then wear make up. After that dust some pressed powder that gives you a hint of glow.

Eye Makeup That Lasts

While using eye making in summer you have to be very careful. If you do not use the right cosmetics then your eye make up can drip and make you look like a zombie. If you want your eye shadow to last really long then you should first smear some eye primer instead of eye cream, which can cause a make up disaster.

Hold Eye Shadow

An eye primer will reduce the creased look and it will also hold on the eye shadow for a longer time. Cream eye shadows stay longer but you can even make powder eye shadow last long. Just take a drop of water and spread it over the eye shadow. You can settle for a brand that offers powder and cream eye shadow in a single tube.

Say Bye-Bye to Thick Lipsticks

During summer you should not make the mistake of wearing very thick and rich lip colors. They bleed and look non-glamorous. Instead you should settle for clear balm. Tinted lip balms are excellent because you can apply it in a jiffy and they also keep your lips hydrated. Choose light shades and those that offer good sun protection factor. Lip balms with minerals are also good for the season.