Give thanks: writing a thank you note

Technology has replaced the simple and sincere art of thank-you notes. Expressing your gratitude to someone for his or her gifts, help, hospitality or invitation should be personal and heartfelt. It can’t be a mass-produced ordinary card sent to everyone in general.Thank-you notes can be sent on various occasions – birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, anniversaries, promotion or retirement parties or gifts etc. You thank people for the gifts you have received from them or for inviting you to a celebration. Houseguests thank their hosts for letting them stay. Help given in difficult times or certain services rendered also deserve a thank-you note.

You need good notepaper and pen. Small cards are best, as your note needs to be short. Avoid tearing off pieces from long sheets – it is shabby and doesn’t make a good impression. You don’t have to use sparkle pens or multi-colored felt pens. A simple pen in black or blue ink that gives a clear print will suffice.
The beginning
Address the person to whom you are saying thank you. If two people deserve thanks, include both names. Then mention the reason for which you are thanking them. For example – “Dear (name), thank you for your (gift)/ for inviting me to your (occasion). If the gift was cash, simply say ‘generosity’. Avoid writing the actual amount.

The middle
Mention why you like the gift, or why you are thanking them for the invite. If the gift is something you wanted, write as follows – “I always wanted a (gift) and am finding it useful.” If you don’t like it, say that it is unique, praise the color etc. Be diplomatic and avoid direct expression of like or dislike.

The end
Say thank you again and appreciate the giver’s thoughtfulness. Alternatively, thank them for coming to your party or including you in their celebration. Sign off with phrases like ‘with love, regards, thanks and best wishes, with thanks’ and your name.

Be sincere when writing your thank-you note. People feel good when they receive gratitude in a heartfelt thank-you note.