Girls Self Examine Your Breasts

self-examine-your-breasts It is necessary to examine the development of breasts when a girl enters her puberty. The breasts of a girl develop prior to her first period. You may observe some changes including small lumps in your breasts as you grow. The breasts may be tender and sensitive during this period. All these changes are normal for a girl. Carefully examine your breasts to find out anything abnormal. You will be able to notice unusual changes if you do routine examination of your breasts.

Why Breast Examination Required?
You need to have an annual check at a clinic to get breasts examined by a doctor to verify the development of your breasts and to find out any abnormal activity. The doctor may recommend doing the self-examination of breasts at regular intervals. The doctor may demonstrate how to examine your breasts.

You need to go with your parents for examination at a clinic. Girls may find it convenient to get their breasts examined by a lady doctor. They may be able to discuss about their problems with ease. Some girls may prefer to get examined with a male doctor. It is up to you to decide the doctor. If a male doctor were examining, a lady nurse would accompany him.

Girls, who are doing self-examination at regular intervals, would be able to identify the breast cancer or any other unusual problems. Breast cancer is rare among girls. You are advised to continue self-examination of breasts in your entire life.

The best time to do self-examination of breasts is after one week of the period. Two types of breast examination include visual and touch.

Visual Examination of Breasts
Sit or stand in front of a mirror prior to putting a bra and keep your arms relaxed. Carefully observe the breasts. If you notice any change in the color of the skin or change in the nipples, contact the physician. Keep your arms on your head and observe the breasts from different angles. Look for any change in the skin.

How Breasts Feel when You Touch
Gently press your breasts one at a time with the pads of middle fingers in a circular way and see how you feel. Start from the outermost and move gradually close to the nipples. Change the pressure from light to firm and notice any change in feeling from the previous examination. Use your thumb and finger and gently squeeze the nipples to find out any discharge.

Do this test on both of your breasts. If you notice anything unusual, consult your doctor.

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