Ginger Tea and its Uses

ginger-tea Ginger Tea and its Uses

Ginger tea is one among the most refreshing beverages and is very delicious too. During winter season the spicy taste of ginger tea imparts a good mood and warms you up. Ginger tea has a lot of medicinal properties too.  Ginger tea is found to impart strength and vitality and also keeps you calm and alert. Ginger tea is good for our health.

Preparation of Ginger Tea

In order to make ginger tea first you have to take a vessel with four cups of water and keep it on the kitchen stove. Now take a fresh ginger root having a length of one inch. Peel the fresh ginger roots and grates it coarsely or alternatively you can cut it in to small pieces. The smaller the pieces better will be the extraction from the ginger. When the water in the vessel starts to boil add ginger grates after lowering the flame. Once the ginger grates get cooked you can add tea dust in to the water. It may take 15- 20 minutes for the ginger to get cooked. Allow the tea mixture to boil. Then turn off the stove and filter the contents through a sieve. As per your preference you can add sugar or even take it with out sugar.  You can also add milk to the tea.

Benefits of Ginger Tea

1.    Ginger tea can be used as a good remedy for cold and flu and it also ameliorates the sore throat and the nausea.
2.    It is a good home remedy for stomach upsets as it helps in digestion
3.    It improves the circulation of the blood and thus the blood flow to all parts of the body.
4.    It is a medicine for controlling the stomach cramps and motion sickness and it has the ability to kill many of the intestinal parasites.
5.    Ginger tea can also bring down the menstrual cramps and the associated pains.
6.    Ginger can also bring down the blood sugar level and hence is beneficial for diabetic patients.
7.    Ginger tea is found to be a powerful adaptogen and it will also build up our immune system.
8.    Ginger tea can help you to relieve the discomfort associated with flatulence.
9.    Ginger tea has a property of increasing the sweat and thus aids in cleaning the body. It also triggers the kidney to carry out the cleaning process.
10.    If you have a slight fever then ginger tea can help you to relieve the fever.
11.    Ginger tea is a great relief for those who have traveling sickness and it also aids in reducing the morning sickness in pregnant women.
12.    Ginger tea has an ability to reduce the stress and can impart calmness in our mind.
13.    It can impart clarity to our sound.
14.    It helps us to stimulate the respiratory system and nervous system


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