Gifts: from guest to host/hostess

You’ve sipped the drinks, enjoyed the food and had fun at the party. Now it’s time to thank the person who made all this possible. The host runs the show smoothly and it’s your duty to thank him or her for the wonderful party. The price of the gift is insignificant; the sentiment behind the gift is important.

As ‘they’ like it
If you know the host of the party well, then you should be aware of their likes and dislikes. Does he collect football souvenirs? Is she crazy about exotic handbags? Take trouble to find the perfect gift for them; the joy on the host’s face will be worth the hunt for the gift.

Something for the house
Your host or hostess may be a regular party planner. In that case, he or she will constantly be in need of supplies like cutlery, chinaware, linen etc. Make his or her job easier for the next party with the gift of fine tablecloths, dinner sets etc.

A gift for the connoisseurs
Some people have specific interests that they follow religiously; they could be sports buffs or ardent admirers of art, music or even food. Make these people happier with a gift that they can add to an existing collection or perhaps start a new one with your gift.

A CD collection of classical composers, country music, or rock classics would be a perfect gift for a music-loving host. You may even compile a CD of their favorite artist’s songs if possible.

For a gourmet, a basket of assorted goodies makes a great gift. Dark chocolate, cheese, cakes, coffee, champagne or wine, caviar are some of the options for the gift basket. Gain an idea of his or her tastes in order to make the present more meaningful.

Stationery may seem like an ordinary gift but beautiful writing paper, stylish notepads, planners and pens are not. Personalize the stationery with their name or initials.

Ensure that you attach a thank-you note to the gift and present it with a smile. You could brighten up the host’s day with your gesture.