Getting ready for motherhood

ready-for-motherhood Motherhood is a very special experience that leaves a woman feeling special and loved. In each woman’s life, experiencing motherhood is a defining episode of her life in which she comes face to face with many new emotions. Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in a woman. The physical and emotional changes help her to cope with the motherhood she will soon experience. A woman gets a different identity once she gets pregnant and pregnancy reveals a complete new side of a woman.

With motherhood, comes the burst of affection and love that only a mother can know. A woman’s instinctive capabilities to care, nurture and raise little ones come to the fore during this period. A couple that is expecting their baby for the very first may at first seem a bit nervous. As the body is going through a lot of physical changes due to the various hormonal reactions, a mother-to-be often takes time to get used to her pregnancy. Some women also face a lot of emotional trauma and anxiety in the first few months of pregnancy. However, a woman must remain in good company and nurture positive thoughts. She must make a conscious effort to get herself prepared for her new role as a mother.

Doctors suggest that a pregnant woman be kept stress-free and in a positive environment. Doctors suggest that mothers who remain joyous and active during their pregnancy have fewer post-natal problems as compared to those women who are in a gloomy and depressed mindset during their pregnancy. Family members should see that a pregnant woman does not brood and harp on negative thoughts.

A pregnant woman must take nutritious food from time to time. She should exercise as advised by her doctor and keep herself active, happy and cheerful. Meetings with friends and relatives should be organized to keep a homely, cheerful atmosphere to keep  the pregnant woman comfortable.